Elizabeth Saltos

Pastels, Metalwork, Sculpture, Ceramics

Artist Statement: Elizabeth Saltos
I have been a working artist in California for more than thirty years. My career spans several evolutions of style and mediums such as large-scale Public Art installation works of metal and many corporate and private commissions. I began my career with serigraphy on paper and took that printmaking to metal where I worked with geometric minimalism and enjoyed designing site-specific works that embraced its environments. It was like talking to the space through visual language.
In the last ten years I have developed a strong body of work in clay. I continue to make sculpture mostly from clay and challenge myself by how to build large assembled pieces. I maintain a focus on large-scale work but today I am making a concerted effort to work in smaller scales. And in the world of ceramics I maintain a fascination with bowls, so satisfying to create!!
At this point in my career I have reconnected with etching, a medium I explored in college years earlier. Working with copper plates connects me to my metal work and sculpture as well. My imagery at this time is inspired by my re-location to the Yosemite area of California. In the beginning of my career my images were geometric forms which evolved from a visual alphabet which I had created. Today, more than thirty years later, I am creating from the vast canvas of the mountains around me. My imagers are abstractions from nature that evolve through a deconstruction of these organic forms. The underpinning organization of space within my vision is still geometric but the content has become a kind of calligraphy of living micro-organisms of textures, growth and movement.
I hope you enjoy seeing this most recent body of works on paper.
Elizabeth Saltos
Feb. 12, 2018

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