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Janet Morita


A native Californian, Janet grew up in Wasco. She moved north to attend C.S.U. Fresno and finally settled in the Sierra foothills in 1995 with her husband, Roy. An elementary school teacher, she became involved in art in 1988, when she was invited by the Getty Center for Education in the Arts to attend a two week seminar on Discipline Based Art Education. She and several other teachers and administrators from Fresno and Clovis formed a team to teach D.B.A.E. to teachers from the Central California area for many years. It was through this program that Janet learned about the elements and principles of art and how to teach art to children.


Janet works primarily in watercolors, painting scenes of California landscapes, florals, and still life. Striving to create a colorful celebration of the beauty in nature, she feels compelled to paint every aspect , focusing on shapes, textures, and colors. Observing the colors move and blend on paper is exciting to her.


Janet has studied watercolor painting with Joan Brumley, Diane Astier, Monte Guynes, Leislie Dearing and Dale Laitinen. Her work is currently exhibited at the Timberline Gallery in Oakhurst, California.

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