Procedures for opening and closing the gallery:


  • Turn OPEN signs
  • Turn on lights – remember the cases, too!
  • Set thermostat to a sensible temp
  • Count cash and document it in notebook
  • Check credit card machine for receipt and put it in Visa envelope.
  • Check phone messages (683-1000)
  • Turn on music (if desired)

During your Sitting

  • Call next day person
  • Document any visitors in notebook
  • Water outside plants
  • Dust & vacuum (if needed)
  • Check printer for paper
  • Check bathroom and make sure it’s clean and tidy


  • Count cash and document it in notebook
  • Make sure all activity and sales are documented in notebook and spreadsheet
  • Turn off music
  • Turn off thermostat
  • Plugin in tablet
  • Bring in chairs
  • Turn off all lights (don’t forget cases)
  • Take home trash (there is no trash service)
  • Lock front door