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Zygmund Zee

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Zyg Zee is a computer geek, photographer addict and digital junky. How he got this way is a study in kinky karma. Keeping himself fed and gainfully occupied has led him through scads of experiences and learning escapades.


During the 80’s as the Computer Operator on the night shift at the Fresno Bee he was responsible for keeping the production computers humming. While there he learned a lot about off set presses, photographing the page layouts, turning them into plates and keeping the bosses happy. When he attempted to unionize his co-workers the bosses were not happy and he found himself in new learning environments: Data Center Operations, Topography(type setting), flirting with ruby lithe, eventually ending up as a graphic artist with Cal Emblems Label. Since moving to the Mountain Area he works with his wife, Merylyn Whited also a Timberline artist, doing free lance work in their ZWhited DeSignery company.


This eclectic background has endowed Zyg with a joyful sense of humor and a full command of artsy computer programs, especially Photoshop dark room techniques. Classes and workshops with nationally recognized professionals in the photography field have sharpened his photographic skills.


“In my photographic and digital imagery I hope to capture the ‘story of the scene.’ I enjoy experimenting with the myriad of techniques available to me: straight shots, in-camera  abstracts, and digital manipulations.”

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